iPhone 5 (Already? Come the #$%! on)

Apparently there is some articles floating around on the internet which pretty much make sense. Verizon is “getting” the iPhone in January and its suppose to be a new model with a 3.7″ screen and a new internal antenna.

Here is the wonderful news, iPhone 4 antenna is suppose to be so awesome that there won’t be dropped calls and the reception will be much superior to the 2nd and 3rd generation iPhones.


A tech-focused web site claims to have gained knowledge of an upcoming iPhone 5 scheduled to go on sale in January on Verizon’s network, with an enhanced (1.2 GHz) processor, an internal antenna, as well as an improved encasing.

Verizon Getting iPhone 5 in January with 3.7-Inch Screen, Internal Antenna – Report
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August 13th, 2010, 12:35 GMT | By Filip Truta

A tech-focused web site claims to have gained knowledge of an upcoming iPhone 5 scheduled to go on sale in January on Verizon’s network, with an enhanced (1.2 GHz) processor, an internal antenna, as well as an improved encasing.

Many will have trouble believing this rumor, although Dvice claims its source has actually “handled” prototypes of the alleged Verizon iPhone.

One of the key features is the internal antenna, a change in design that would supposedly diminish Apple’s chances of getting tarnished again for reception issues.

Yet Apple has touted the iPhone 4 outer antenna as the most advanced to date. The company is likely to try and build on top of it, rather than scrub it as a feature inside its iPhone.
To Dvice, an internal antenna means no more death grip problems, and a different enclosure. However, Apple relies heavily on design, making it highly unlikely for the company to change the looks of its iPhone just yet.
The site goes to speculate that Apple’s recent agreement with Liquidmetal may materialize in a new shell for its upcoming smartphone.
Furthermore, the device will allegedly employ a bigger Retina Display – 3.7 inches. The current spec is 3.5-inch.

Final Thoughts:

FFS (For F#@! Sake) we all just purchased the iPhone 4 and basically got screwed. I am excited if verizon does become the proud owner of the iPhone 5, because then all the Verizon groupies will jump on the bandwagon and free up the network for all the AT&T users left behind.

Hurry up and come out already.


Microsoft Office 2010 (Does it suck or not?)

Microsoft Office 2010 is probably the worst idea at this moment for any business when regarding time, cost and training.

It’s not even about the functionality of the product. It works, there is Outlook, Power Point, Word, Excel and the basics, usage a shit load of memory (like Office 2007 did for its time) and has gone down in price to keep up with the economy. The problem is, 90% of my clients who were interested in the product had me install the demo to test. Not only did they hate it, but they were mad at me for letting them install the product.

Let me get into details about the issues, and again, this isn’t about functionality. It’s simply about resources and looks of the product and Microsoft definitely is going to be confusing a couple hundred thousand users who start testing this product.

Have you seen the new ribbon?

Lets preview the recent history of MS Word 03-10

As you can see, the graphics, design and layout of the ribbon has changed over the last few years, but what really happened was, Microsoft swapped the looks and moved shit around so your clients can’t find what they need.

I’m a Microsoft Fanboy because I realized long ago they already have a large market share and anyone who says they’re not going to make it much more have their head up their butt. They’re even released Office 2011 for MAC OS X for God’s Sake.

Anyways, here is an official release of Microsoft’s “comparison” so you techies can read.

UI element Office 2010 Office 2007 Office 2003
Menus and tabs The ribbon replaces menus and toolbars across all products of Office 2010 and can be fully customized. The ribbon replaces menus and toolbars in Access 2007, Office Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Word 2007, and parts of Outlook 2007. Menus and toolbars only are available.
Task panes Groups of commands on the ribbon and the ability to customize. Groups of commands on the ribbon and the ability to customize. Basic task pane.
Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) Fully customizable. Introduced in 2007. Not available.
Backstage view More tools outside the document viewing window. Limited tools that can be accessed through the Microsoft Office Button. Limited tools on the File menu
Digital signatures Found in the Backstage view under Information about DocumentProtect Document. Formatted with XMLDSig, found under FileFinalize Document /Signatures. Found under ToolsOptions /SecurityDigital Signatures
Smart Art Improved from the 2007 version. Design tools available in all Microsoft Office applications. Not available.
Open Formats (*.odt) OpenDocument Text Included in this version. Added in 2007 Office system Service Pack 2 (SP2). Not available.
Windows Live Writer integration Blog posting options available in the application. Not available. Not available.
Spelling checker The spelling checker is now integrated with automatic correction. Basic spelling checker. Basic spelling checker.
Paste Preview A live preview before you commit to Paste. Avoids having to use the Undo button. Paste, Undo, Paste. Basic Paste capabilities.
Print The Backstage combines Print with Print Preview, Page Layout and other print options. Microsoft Office Button, Print with limited printing tools spread across several commands. Basic Print option on the Filemenu.
Sparklines A miniature chart inserted into text or embedded in a spreadsheet cell to summarize data. Dynamic charts and chart types. Three-dimensional (3-D) charting.
E-mail Essentials Conversation, Cleanup, Ignore Thread, and Mail Tips for when a person is out of the office or if e-mail is sent to a group. Not available. Not available.
Photo editing tools Available in these applications: (Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Outlook 2010, and Microsoft Publisher 2010). Limited functionality. Limited functionality.
Video in Microsoft PowerPoint Video triggers and controls. Not available. Not available.

What does this chart tell you? Blah blah blah is what I really read. We understand there is newer functionality and it completely integrates new tools and harmonizes all Office 2010 applications together, but lets face it. If you offer free consulting, can you really justify a training session to each employee of your client?

Unfortunately this product does not offer simple solutions on how to fancy it up without sitting back and customizing it.

Final thoughts:

If you’re a tech savvy user, try out the product. You might as well get familiar with it because once it becomes a new standard, office 2003 will further be in the basement and 2007 will be “older” as well.

If you’re a IT consultant or a business owner, beware that this product does not offer the same visuals as the older versions and if you do not have the time to invest in training to tinkering around, wait until you do.